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The ADAA Implements Policy Update Regarding Age Limit of Dogs Applying for Assessment


The Assistance Dog Assessment Association (ADAA), a leading charity specialising in independent assessments for individuals who have trained their own assistance dogs, is pleased to announce an important policy update regarding the age limit for dogs applying for certification.

Effective immediately, we are increasing the age limit for experienced working dogs, offering greater flexibility for those already in service who wish to gain accreditation with us.

Previously, the ADAA only accepted applications for all dogs up to 5 years old. Under the new guidelines, experienced assistance dogs that have been actively working will now have increased flexibility in their eligibility for accreditation, regardless of their age.

 All applications involving dogs over the age of 5 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and additionally we will request the following:

  • Evidence demonstrating that the dog has been actively working as an assistance dog for at least 2 years.

For new teams or partnerships with less than 2 years experience, the age limit of dogs applying will remain at 5.

The ADAA remains committed to maintaining high standards in the accreditation process, ensuring that only the best-qualified dogs receive certification.

For more information about this policy change and the support available to qualified teams, please visit our website or contact our office at

About the Assistance Dog Assessment Association (ADAA)

The Assistance Dog Assessment Association (ADAA) certifies and supports assistance dogs and their handlers, providing rigorous assessments and advocacy to enhance independence and quality of life.


Assistance Dog Assessment Association

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