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Before handlers apply for assessment, it is important that our code of ethics is understood, accepted and adhered to at all times. 

All handlers will:

  • Conduct themselves professionally, and in a manner that does not bring ADAA or the assistance dog training discipline and profession into disrepute.

  • Act responsibly, and demonstrate integrity, respect and impartiality to their trainer, assessor, the general public, veterinary personnel, and other canine professionals.

  • Refrain from giving advice and acting in a way that would knowingly cause harm, psychological and/or physical distress, damage, or injury.

  • Comply with their legal obligations as a dog owner and the interest, welfare and safety of their dog(s), will be paramount at all times.

  • Not conduct their behaviour in any way likely to negatively affect, harm or discredit the reputation of the ADAA.

  • Comply with the findings and suggestions of the ADAA following a risk assessment before the public access assessment.

  • Follow the ADAA ethics and equipment guidelines which prohibits the use of: Prong Collars, Half Checks, Choke Chains, E Collars and aversive techniques and will only use science-based training methods.

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