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ADAA provides an independent public access assessment for you and your dog. Ensuring your dog has been trained to the highest standard to be an assistance dog, and that you work well and efficiently as a team.

Upon successful completion of our public access assessment, the team will be able to take up their public access rights in the knowledge that their dog is trained to the highest of standards.

The assessment will provide handlers with: ​


  • A network of assessed assistance dogs and handlers.

  • Share good practice and provide each other with mutual support.

  • Assurance that service providers are being provided with knowledge and guidance.

  • Refusal procedure support and investigation.

  • Clear and easily visible ADAA leadslip

Who is the assessment aimed at?

The ADAA assessment is for assistance dog teams where the dog is either:

  • Owner trained

  • Trained by a private trainer

  • Trained by an organisation (not accredited by ADUK, *ADI** or IGDF***).


Assessments will be carried out by highly experienced assistance dog assesors who will work with you to ensure it is a positive experience.

Already with a non ADUK organisation? Thats OK you can take our assessment too!


We are here to provide an unbiased assessment on each team.

* Assistance Dogs UK

** Assistance Dog International

*** International Guide Dog Federation

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The process.

Once we have received your application of interest: (Providing you meet the eligibility criteria)

  1. We will email you to confirm receipt of your application.

  2. After you have submitted your application we will require proof of disabilities, veterinary check, proof of insurance and vaccinations etc. this will be explained in detail upon receipt of an application.

  3. ​Once we have reviewed your application and all supporting evidence, we will arrange a video based (zoom) pre-assessment interview with you, in this we will discuss how the assessment works, and any concerns or queries you may have.

  4. If it is mutually agreed during the pre-assessment to go ahead with your application, we will allocate you with an assessor and offer you a selection of dates and times for your in person public access assessment.


Please note submitting an application does not mean you are automatically accepted for an assessment.


Travel from yourself will be required to the public access assessment location.

We do ask for a small donation of £50 per assessment.


What you will need on the day.

You should have all necessary equipment to ensure the dog’s safety and comfort. Please click here to view equipment that ADAA deems acceptable.


Depending upon individual needs these may include:


  • Small mat for settling

  • Collapsible water bowl

  • Treat bag

  • Chew

  • Toy

  • Cleaning up equipment such as dog waste bag

Dogs should be trained to a standard so they perform the required behaviour to a visual, spoken or whistle cue.

It is required that occasionally the dog is able to demonstrate its ability to work without food rewards.

Luring the dog will not be allowed in the assessment.

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