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Providing you with peace of mind.

At ADAA we appreciate your area of expertise is not dog behaviour and assistance dog standards, but ours is!

Every dog wearing the ADAA lead slip or vest has gone through our rigorous assessment, testing the team in several different situations and scenarios. This is our guarantee to service providers across all industries.

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Our Guarantee to You.

We can guarantee that if wearing our logo: 

  • The dog is highly trained, friendly and confident working in public.

  • The dog and handler team is genuine.

  • The dog is declared fit and healthy to work by a qualified vet.

  • The dog is insured, at least 3rd party coverage.

  • The dog is annually vaccinated and treated for parasites.

  • The dog has been trained with tasks to help aid the handler.

ADAA will not only support the assistance dog teams we will also support service providers too.


For more information on your legal obligations are a service provider please visit our legal obligations page

For more information please contact us via our contact page. 

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