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Our Patrons.

Our Patrons are as passionate about assistance dogs and owner trained teams are we are! Find out more about those who support us and who is using their platforms to raise awareness about the work that we do.

Our Patrons

Alan Titchmarsh MBE

Renowned for his expertise in gardening, broadcasting, and writing, Alan Titchmarsh is also a lifelong advocate for animals, particularly dogs. His deep affection for dogs shines through in his consistent efforts to promote their well-being and advocate for responsible pet ownership. As a dedicated pet owner himself, Alan deeply understands the unique bond between humans and their canine companions.

In his recent television work on Channel 5's "Underdog to Superdog," Alan shed light on the crucial role of working dogs in the UK, including those trained by their owners to assist individuals with disabilities. Inspired by this experience, he has proudly taken on the role of Patron for the Assistance Dog Assessment Association (ADAA) in 2024.

In this new capacity, Alan's commitment to dogs takes on added significance as he lends his support to initiatives aimed at improving the lives of individuals with disabilities through the training of their own assistance dogs. With his genuine empathy and steadfast dedication, Alan continues to inspire audiences and make a positive impact in both the gardening world and animal welfare.

You can follow Alan on his instagram @alantitchmarshmbe


Anna Webb

As a pet expert, Anna has contributed to ITV1's Titchmarsh show, Channel 5's Gabby Logan show, and SKY1's 'dogumentary' A Different Breed.

Anna also contributes regularly across national radio including TalkTV, Radio 2, Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio London, BBC Local Radio GBNews, BBC Politics and LBC



In her Podcast, A Dog’s Life with Anna Webb, Anna investigates all aspects of modern dog ownership, bringing to life why every dog is extraordinary, talking to scientists and experts who have changed, and are changing, our understanding of dogs



Ted, the Patterdale is best known for his heartwarming presence alongside hosts Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse in the BBC's Gone Fishing. Ted very kindly decided to become an Ambassadog for the ADAA in 2024.

Throughout his TV appearances, Ted's gentle nature and loyalty have captured audiences' hearts, reflecting the special bond between dogs and their handlers. He is now flying the flag for owner-trained assistance dogs all around the UK. He has even helped us raise funds by joining us on our charity dog walk! He is however still looking for his briefcase.

Follow Ted's journey on instagram @ted_gonefishing


Our Ambassadog!

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